Jealous Story

By Godwin Ebube 5 months ago

Fine. You liked this girl back then but she's not who she used to be to you anymore. Things have fallen apart. Maybe it's just time to move on now, go experience something new with your life. After all, life's a journey.


And so is every heartbreak story.


Maybe you've not seen the pains in her eyes when you don't care anymore. The suicidal thoughts she fights off every day without you in her life anymore. Guy, maybe you've not seen what it means for someone to love you with all of them, that they barely realize they too need that same love in return, and specially too.


Well, everything happens for a reason though. That's why you don't want to care anymore. It's annoying. Everything could have happened for a good reason to stay, to love again, to forgive, to support her, to hold her... But you wanted every reason to go away.


Now it's happened. 

No one cares. 



But I hope to see you beautiful again. Because it's not your fault totally. You've only moved on. And that's perfect for a heartbreak story. But unfortunately for this story, she still loves you. Every day. 


Romance. Feelings. Passion. Emotions. Attention. Her heart. Dude! That's a whole lot you skipped past in her life. How do men like you learn such bravery over someone you loved? Nah, I'm not pushing you back to your "vomit"... 


I just dey observe you. 



Yet, know this. 


Taking someone who loves you for granted is a sign you've been heartbroken too. Maybe not the same way now, but something of that nature in the past. It's simply life's journey. But you can always find a good path to loving than closing the road to your first heart. Heartbreaks can be life-changing. But first, save your heart from being affected too. Most times, that's why we don't care anymore. 


Because of uncommitted affairs. 


If you still love that one person who you've allowed to slip away from you because of selfish reasons, kindly reach out to them. They still care about you. 


They're jealous. 

Love is jealous. 


What's your jealousy? 




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