Iyawo Wa

By Bakare Olajide 9 months ago

I pray you come to understand,
the enemy is not your man.
Though his fists gave you the black eyes,
and his lips told the many lies.
He is but a borrowed utensil,
a hypnotized and spell-bound vessel
at the mercy of the Great Abuser.
The old, beguiling Accuser.

Consider not your flowing tears,
give no room for the crippling fears.
Beware of the Enemy’s stunt:
you are not on this battlefront
for female emancipation
but for the marital institution.
Your man is a wounded soldier,
do help him to a safe boulder.

Know, that the battle is not yours.
You’re just a soldier in this cause.
Your best efforts will not avail
for by strength no man shall prevail.
You’ll do well to report to Base,
Heaven hears when a woman prays.
Don’t give up your home, ‘Iyawo wa.’
We shall all live by ‘igbagbo wa’ (our faith).

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Bakare Olajide
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