It Is Night

By Bakare Olajide 6 months ago

It is night.
Alas, it is night.
The sky, no longer bright,
Suffers a solar-theft.
From the moment she slept,
Not a ray of light was left.
You did keep your eyes dry
But I can hear your heart cry;
All because she slept,
All because she left.

It is night.
Alas, it is night.
And the supper isn’t right:
a dish of nothingness
and a glass of emptiness
with a dessert of inky darkness;
all forced down your throat
Untill your bowels bloat.
All because she slept
All because she left.

It is night
Alas, it is night
With no lunar ray in sight
It’s even difficult to cope
You did reach out and grope
But you found not a jot of hope
Only a cloud of perpetual sorrow
Without any sign of a morrow.
All because she left
All because she slept.

Though sorrow may endure for the night, joy will surely come in the morning. But I understand that it’s still night and a thick blanket of sorrow overwhelms you, I only beseech you not to give up the hope for the morning’s joy. You can sorrow, yes you can sorrow. But never sorrow like them that are without hope.

Remember that, when the morning comes on that great Day, the Sun of Righteousness will appear again with healing in His Rays. And all eyes will see Him, then She’ll awake and the tears will be wiped off your face.



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