Isn't It Funny?

By Hope Ukaegbu 7 months ago

Isn't it funny? 

How people are ready to point out the bad in you?

Isn't it funny how they are always on stand by, labeling you from your bad moments? Those one in a hundred moments when you've lost your cool. 

"Oh, don't talk to me in that tone,"

"Hey! You just prayed now..."

"You nag too much"

Jeez! Have they ever stopped to wonder what they did that made you lose your cool? 

It is so funny how they are ever ready to point out the worst of you when their worst (which is worse than yours) is so glaring to your face and to the world but you have not seen fit to not point it out or use it against them. 

Trust me, be 99% good and some people are still going to see just that one bad move of yours and label you with it.

Some people are 40% on the good side but how the world around them don't see enough to let them know that, I really don't know. 

Unfortunately these people are surrounded by people who love them and are trying to find the right way to help them ease away from the worst part of themselves which obviously hurt people (which they do not know about or have refused to acknowledge) and into a better life where they do not intimidate others despite their own selves, because they have the louder voice or the higher height or even the best opportunities. 

Seriously, we all need to look inside ourselves... Why has this calm, quiet, tolerating person decided to talk to me in that tone? Why's she nagging? Why has he started to sound like the psychopath? 

When we give ourselves the chance to see Other people's pain, how they got it and how it seems to be the control over them, then we would know that it really isn't funny...

At all.

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