Invisible When Seen

By Abasiakara Monday 2 months ago

We've been on this same bench for eight years

Anytime I'm reminiscing about this, I rejoice

I've eaten a multiple No's in love but never ate yes

I still believe at last you'll make a right choice


The first year was smooth, you gave me a reason

To stay with you hoping for the best

I took it slowly waiting for the right season

For you to realize you own something behind my chest


The second year was full of anticipation

Anytime you say "I have something to tell you"

My heart beats fast towards a satisfaction

But never got there, you said nothing new


The third year was so hopeful

You began to show your skills in caring

I didn't even know that I was a dope fool

Your caring skills are notwithstanding


The fourth, fifth and sixth years were breathtaking

I counted every word that came through your mouth

Then smile hard to hide that my heart is aching

I try to follow you to the north but you're going south


The seventh and eighth years were heartbreaking

I grew sad seeing that my efforts were in vain

I felt that in my life, Love is always forsaking

And leaving me with a cardiovascular pain


I've shared every single emotion with you

But when it comes to Love, you look away

You regard my words to be untrue

Love has made me invisible everyday

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