By Onwubuariri Jachinma Ruth 3 weeks ago

We hugged the last time our paths crossed.

Intense like the lovers who had to let go.

Our faithless moments I tried to push aside.

Move on just like everyone else.

Not easy you whispered in my ears.


She came in shades of dark and hue.

Welcomed by the sound of the rain.

Forced to water the earth by the rainmaker.

Another set of misfortune has befallen me.

Tensioning like the chat with the therapist

An escape from the conversations holding

 in my head.

"You're healing" my favourite compliment.

Yet I lie about your visits.

Suddenly you changed.

The change from a special to an ordinary girl

In the eyes of our lovers.

Angry we felt love in our own terms.

I know you I screamed.

Another turn off your swollen face

 I fell from my bed

Happy we've lost tracks again.

Still, I think of our encounter.


I am terrified you've come to stay.

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