By Iroegbu Nnenne Sophia 4 months ago

How do I say this to you?

I hope you can hear what you can read?


With each passing day, I find myself reminiscing of how you'd take me to get ice creams.

A million reasons for me not to say those words

They're forever. Hush! I need to say it.

I keep saying goodbye to you,

When I LOVE YOU were the words from deep within me

 I forever want you,

Hey! Can you hear me?

I can't say goodbye to you no more, 

It's too hard to endure.

Pieces of my soul still yearn for you

For as time grows older, the more my heart wants you

I never wanna be alone so give me the strength to overcome this.

I would work extra shifts,

I'd right the wrongs.

You were beautiful, with a broken heart 

But you never let anyone see that

As the cold wind hits me,

I ask "Did I really say goodbye to you?"

Everyone here misses you, rather put, I miss you

But the bridges I burnt,

Can I reconstruct?

With you not around I crumble

Oh! My better me,

The beats of my heart skip when I'm with you,

I'll forever miss

I'm sorry for the pains I caused 

Sorry for the blood I gushed

You loved me unconditionally but like a fool I ignored 

Sorry for making you mourn.

Not enough words to spout,

I will never be able to say this

But I love you!

Through this note, I hope you hear me.


As my warmth greets the valiant air,

Can I say goodbye to you when pieces of my soul still need you back?

With bowed knees, staring blank above

I wish you would forgive me and come back

Tears stains my shirt,

I still feel your smile as my morning starts.

I paint every teardrop as it hits your warm cheek

Of that day I hit your anger's peak.



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