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By Obilor oluebube Charles 6 months ago







Naija is Fifty-Nine

Like teens ready to date

When we live in hate

Who would bring us in love

Let's invite the saints for intervention for our aid

To harbour the Enemies on one bed

To live in peace and unity

This nation shall continue to bound in freedom.


All hail the great Giant of Africa

On this day of freedom

From the hands of the whites

Thanking God for a successful revolution

Amidst this Tribulations

Hoping to have a great Nätion 

Where we have been bathed in corruption

Since the time of Amalgamation.


The Sweetness of this great nation 

Lies in the hearts of Nigerians

Who derive JOy in Actions

Nigeria has been in confusion and timidation Even in Separation, 

We would still live in Division.


O God of Creation

Direct this Nation

From the hands of Corrupt leaders

Who try to impress others 

That this great country shall continue to live in Love, Harmony and Peace.

So help us LORD.



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