In The Rain

By Olowo Qudus 4 months ago

In the rain,

as i cry along with the sad sky

in my infant era, where i lie,

making friends with those thin line drops

as it shower gayful blessings on the crops


In the rain,

as i play with my fellow slummers

never minding the dirty splash from rich hummers,

and in those cold feets, we rejoice

along with the heavy rain, we made noise


In the rain,

as we tear our school sheets to make paper boats

and those drops wretched our boat like a blood that clots,

but we never despair, for our hood were always joy

with slippery tender feet like a rubber toy


In the rain,

as we roughly play hide and seek

along with the healthy ones and the sick

our hands covered round our little faces

hopping and running like the horse races


In the rain,

as we slouched towards home

with humility like the Pope of Rome

and we drink greedily from a standing tap

on our way home, the bigger boys sang a rap


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