I'm Not Feeling It

By Booky Glover 14 months ago

I should be happy. 

It is a new year, yaaah! But I'm not feeling the excitement. I woke up feeling my brain's empty and my achievement in the year gone past nothing. 

Maybe I should allow a few more days to allow life to kick in. I'm supposed to count my blessings and it is so selfish that I am not. Well, you could call it over thinking, but the euphoria of new year is gone already and it just morning. 

How do I make those calls and say those new year prayers with all convincing power?

How do I face my fiancé and give him that fake smile he can see through? 

It should be magical right? A new year should feel new year, right? Like a new shoe for the long awaited party or a new dress specially designed for that occasion. Why is the New Year not feeling New in my heart?

Can you say a prayer for me?

Can you ask God to help me see past the reality and hope for better things?

Well, if you aren't feeling this way, congratulations! Enjoy it and say a prayer for those of us around the world who don't feel the New Year.


Happy New Year folks!

P.S - This is writing therapy and doing this helps.

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