Illusions Of Valentine

By Agatha Johnson 4 months ago

It's that time of the year again

Where love is showed and shared

Where gifts are given and are accepted

Where sorrow seems to walk away for happiness and smiles to sleep on everyone's hearts and lips

Where lives seem perfect irrespective of the financial status

Where every action are clouded with love irrespective of the intention


Where principles are broken

Where hearts are destroyed

Where destinies are changed

Where new friendship and relationship are established

Where hope and faith are built

Where after nine months, the world receives packages

Where vows and promises are made and broken


And here I am without you

To share and receive love

To share and receive gifts

To share happiness and smiles

To prove with actions my love

To give me a cool night of love

I'm filled with imaginations of what would have been if you were here

Filled with thoughts of what gifts would have been exchanged

Filled with plans of what would we would have done

To prove this love so untrue yet true

To give hope to those who love had eluded

To make jealous the world for its wishes


But how can I do that alone

Yes! I am but alone

And the music echoes my wishes

The birds sing my dreams

Drums sounds my thoughts

While the bees hum my hopes

For once again, You are not here

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