Illusions II (Unholy Union)

By Alex Lawless 8 months ago

Light or darkness,

Right or Wrong,

Good or evil,

Black or white,

We live in an age where darkness seems to feed on light and light seems to be pitching with darkness.


             The Journey


Each day we wake from our beds, 

It becomes clear that instead of Light driving away darkness light accommodates  darkness in the name of Light(God),

The problem with this is;

The light soon becomes an angel clothed in black garments(darkness) known for misleading the floor members with doctrines inspired from his dark co-tenants.

Note that most times, the misleading is done without the doer's consciousness.


On my way to the Airport,

which was on the second day of festivals,

all I could see was huge campaign Billboards,

From my findings, these Billboards cost way over billions, even when we both know that the majority of the electorate pray for the miracle of a meal to keep them going for the next few hours.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying our political aspirants and those seeking re-election shouldn't advertise themselves on Billboards worth billions,

Neither am I trying to decide what another man's money gets thrown into,

 It's just that on seeing the massive adverts, I was reminded of the fact that we have some of the biggest slums in Africa, where the poorest class are left to suffer.

Funny enough their untold hardship and suffering are the bedrock of the political class's political agenda and every other thing they claim they'll offer.


Pardon me Mr. Politician,

But I hope you know that those billions spent on just one of the billboards can put your name on the world map if you try thinking beyond the box.


In case you didn't know, half a million from all the billions in your swizz account if used to feed those on the slums would mean that you have rendered an unforgettable service to humanity?

Do you also know that with acts like such;

* The poor, misfits and rejects who have given up on the failed "Unholy Union between the North and South" can have hope for a brighter tomorrow for their offspring's?

* The humans on these slums would go to the ends of the earth to announce to the world that a certain politician gathered and fed them in a Nation that boosts of the highest paid politicians in the world as well as the poorest folks too?

* The freelance journalist in need of resources to write on, would write articles on such acts of service to humanity which is naturally a compelling story, they would write on it without even asking for a penny.

* Thanks to technology we have the social media and bloggers who would spread the rear event to the ends of the earth so your name stands the test of time including those bloggers and social media influencers you already have on your team.



I know that politically speaking the poor are politically insignificant in our Nation, so I understand you for not thinking of feeding the hungry Nigerians in the slums who's vote you are spending billions to campaign for.


Funny enough I used to think that neglecting the poor was a part and parcel of the democratic rule until  I listened to an American politician Nancy Pelosi say that "The middle class (poor inclusive) are the backbone of democracy."



Correct me if I'm wrong, aren't we in a democratic dispensation?

How come ours is a cruel dispensation where the upper class is the embodiment of democracy while the poor and middle class are the anuses they shit through.


Like it or not,

Our relevance is dependent on when we are needed, they really don't care, if they did, they won't end most campaigns with visits to only the house of the wealthy and powerful.


Mr. politician's preference to pay  Billions on Billboards indicates a grand quest for support and sponsorship from political godfathers and other wealthy men(Rich enriching the rich for a common goal)  in hopes of attracting international recognition from the international community without goodwill for those they intend to rule in their various communities.


The few of them who try to give back to society do it grudgingly for a selected few just so they have what to brag about, and if you are a son of a nobody, get ready to be put through hell before getting a chance to speak with an Archangel.



few weeks to the election,

Mr politician would arm the boys from the slums with guns to fight every form of political opposition against his greedy quest for power, the very same boys you didn't think to feed, the same boys you can't offer a good paying job, the same boy that lacks quality education is the same boy you're giving money that can't afford ice cream from cold stone, to invoke hell, kill, steal ballot boxes, and manipulate the election figures.


At this point, I knew for a fact that the masses are and would always be a means to an end,

They don't need us because we are humans like them,

They need us because we are more than them in numbers (Needed to sustain rule),

They need us because they can exploit the poverty they brought on us just to keep ruling, oppressing and enslaving us.


Less I forget,

There exist another class of politician who after paying boys on the streets to do the dirty job in his name, he would still bury a hundred cows and slay innocent souls just to get the support of the powers that lurk in the darkness.


After all he has said and done in the dark,  A popular Reverend who claims to speak for the Light would pick up his phone and call  Mr. Politician the next morning  just to claim  that "The Lord showed me in my dreams last night that you are the next ruler of this great Nation, worship with us on Sunday let me give you the " Lords" blessing"


The politician, on the other hand, knows going to the reverend's church on that Sunday is a means to campaign and get more voters while wondering how a good God of light would consider him worthy for the throne after all he has done in the dark.


A classic case of Light blessing darkness on an altar raised in the name of a God who hates sin and injustice, the question remains, was that dream really from God? Or a figment of the Reverend's imagination to enhance his financial status, and have a new story to boost his ministerial pedigree;

 "The presidential candidate worshiped in my church, I had the opportunity of making him knell for me to lay hands on him."



Light and darkness,

Winters and summers,

Spinsters and hookers,

Lawd save us all from ourselves,

With all amount of fairness,

 The line between right and wrong still gets me restless.


After the killings,

After the stealing of ballot boxes,

After the actual figures have been manipulated ten times over,

After the Election has been rigged physically and spiritually,

After we have given the international community so much to laugh and mock the black name with,

After its clear for the floor member (Oppressed) to see that the Reverend mislead them into participating in the gimmicks of darkness by blessing the politicians responsible for rigging the election along with other unjustifiable things.


The  Reverend comes through on Sunday with a message to admonish the masses who's rights have been spit on, whose voice has been rudely silenced and the one who's vote didn't see the light of day, with words like;

 "Brethren let every one be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established, Our God is a just God, he knows the end from the beginning and would one day end every pain"


With those words,

the oppressed whose destiny has been robbed in broad daylight lifts holy hands and shouts the loudest amen. 


Seems they forgot that a closed mouth is a closed destiny, for too long the oppressed have been refreshed and consoled to move on and keep praying for a better future by Religion, maybe that's why the destiny for the majority of Nigerians have been poverty.


 Excuse me for a second Mr. Reverend,

But your words of admonition implies that God permits the use of wrong to make right,

The use of unjust to make just,

The use of corrupt means to eradicate corruption,

The use of Lawlessness to make Lawful,

Simply put it,

The use of black (Darkness) to make white (Light).


If I get you right,

You're further saying that a God who hates sin wants his people to submit to the authority of men ruling through sinful means, 

You are further blaming God a righteous and just God for establishing unrighteous and the unjust rule we have seen in this part of the world, and that doesn't sound right to rational thinking and break the laws of every known moral theory.



         Unholy Union


Light or darkness,

Winters or summers,

Spinsters or hookers,

We all miss the lips of a good lover,

Even in the darkest of hours,

And even if you both ain't together,

The best moments usually hunt us forever.


After hours of thoughts,  ponders and wonders,

I had finally gotten to the international wing of M.M.A,

I've boarded and in high spirit to leave the shores of a nation I love,

But thoughts of my little Becca crept in,

We had just taken off but I wished  Rebecca and Becca were sited next to me,

I missed them so much I could see them each time I closed my eyes.


At 22 I had a huge responsibility of providing for the lady I stole from my elder brother along with the responsibility of being a better father to our first daughter,

After cutting me off for a year or so, Jesse finally decided to forgive me for the betrayal but certainly, he'll never forget even though he got me a Job in Mecca.

This he did out of family pressure, and I know deeply that helping me didn't give him any pleasure, besides, forgiveness is really hard when the one we love betrays the trust.


I know he has so much love for Rebecca and her daughter, every night I hear her converse with someone over the phone in the shower, she never tells me who it is, but I know it's my brother so I don't bother.


He can't stand and watch the woman he loves suffer from a child that should have been his daughter, especially now that his dreams to own an airline (Airmi"lia) has come through, the very dream that gave me the chance to hit on his fiancee.


Throwbacks begun to hit my soul to the bone,

I backtracked to that night at her chamber, which was sometime between November and December, the very place our. " unholy union" was birthed, just a fling we had hoped but somehow we couldn't stop coming back for more.

Jesse just got out of aviation school and was chasing a dream to own an airline, his pursuit took him to Canada for a long time and he left me in charge of his fiance.


Wrong move but he had trust for me his only brother, the age Gap was enough to make him unbothered,

For she was 33 and I just turned 22. Seems he forgot that age is just a number.


He  left his fiancee lonely for months, while lawless I had begun making subtle moves,

It wasn't right but she was enjoying this moves,

A day without my calls would wreck her emotions,

She was slowly enjoying the art of caring for two brothers, she was an air hostess so she knew a handful of men,

But each time she touched down Lagos? Her in law to be was the main focus.


She tried so hard to understand herself, she tried to stop herself, it wasn't right but it was too late,

Thoughts of a 22-year-old having the guts to hit on her made her feel young again,

Her fiance was no longer calling, whenever he chooses to he wasn't talking sweet or even complimenting her again, although she knew the loving was still the same.

But starving a woman for 5 months just because she wears your ring doesn't change the game, we play the game until we bear the name, and when you bear the name?


Old things are past away, but most times?

Not all old things pass away, h that's why old wine is always better.


She had made up her mind, Jesse had stopped calling, he had become too busy to return calls, she understands how the airline business works so she understood how busy he was.


 We are humans,

Most times we need some push to make a right or wrong choice,

"Jesse is too busy for me"

Gave her motive,

The needed catalyst to get her prepped up to feel like a woman again, but instead of finding a random rich guy for the job? 

She was madly in need of young and fresh blood.


Right or wrong,

Rich or poor,

They like rich guys, but she could stay with the rich guy while caring for some broke ass,

The problem in this is that most times they rob the rich guy just to pay the broke ass.


It's called robbing Peter to pay Paul,  this implies that women love financial security,

But if the guy they care about doesn't have the financial capacity,

They seek out a guy with higher financial authority,

Just so they can provide for the one the care for totally.


Even in this act, the question should be, what is Paul doing that Peter is not doing right?

The key isn't in showing off all the time, it's in making her happy and useful all the time.


Your target shouldn't be getting her to love you, getting  her to care and respect you  is a worthy target, I made her care so much she didn't even know when she fell in love, and when she fell in love she didn't even care about my financial incapacity as she understood that I was still in my twenties.


But hold up bro!

What's all the money in the world if you ain't making her drippy all the time?

Even though I wasn't explicit, she could read the sign languages, she was corresponding with twerk videos in my dms, as soon as she lands in a foreign country I was the first person she calls.


After all, her fiance told her "my brother is here, call him if you need anything"


In just two months I meant everything, she took me on dates, Bought me some good wears, gave me access to her rides, her house, and not too long I owned her world.


All this she did while resisting my needs to go down low, I'm certain she kept hoping Jesse would come back to her and save her from her desire to get f****d.


When it was certain that he was indeed too busy for her, she embarked on a journey of no return, you may choose to call it an "Unholy journey."


Few days to Christmas Eve, she thought of the best gift for me and settled with the idea of flying me to her chamber in Leeds.


The Chamber was as magnificent as I had imagined,

The Marbles, the sleek Italian curtains, the chandeliers, and the massive painting of her and her fiancee added a romantic touch to a penthouse on the hundredth floor of a magnificent skyscraper.


Sincerely my brother has teste for the best ladies in the world, he had eyes only for the best of the best, and those he couldn't get with his charm, he was more than willing to pay the iron price.


I won a kiss from one of the most beautiful half cast in the universe, the best of his best and the woman he called his queen, goosebumps took a hold of me for a few minutes as her lips locked onto mine.



I earned it,

I couldn't believe I earned her kiss,

Imaginations and daydreams of over two years were finally playing in, and I couldn't wait to just dive in and take a worthy bath in the river of pleasure, my first step down the path of this unholiness.


Good lover,  bad lover,

Good friend, bad friend,

Good brother, bad brother,

There's two sides to every coin on this plain, they must exist to teach us whatever lesson the creator expects us to learn, lessons many folks believe we'll need along the way.


Rebecca had learned hers that day, never to underestimate what a young man can do behind closed doors.


Indeed, she got a hundred sheds of what she had been missing, I f***d her like a w***e because she said she likes it hard and wild, all attempts to stop at round two ended in vain, I was all over her and she felt young again, the higher the screams, the faster the pounding, she was pouring hot sauce all over the dining, I even gave her a Christmas present of hard cunt licking and fingering without fucking in the morning.


She begged and begged for more but I said no-till we left her chambers in leads, she was wild and nasty, we even did it on the plane on her official uniform, our Unholy and sexual union continued in Nigeria.


It was the most amazing four months of my life until she said "I'm pregnant and I'm keeping it".


I had fallen in Love with her so much that keeping it was cool, how I would face society and family I had no clue, how I would raise my kid in a Nation that doesn't encourage youth prosperity I didn't know.


My brother, on the other hand, had become Essu fighting Jacob for stealing his destiny, he hates me and I understand his anger totally.


Yet his job offer outside the shores of this Nation was an answer to my secret prayer,

Finally, I had the chance to leave a nation where the political class don't pay any form of tax but rely on taxpayers money to live in luxury and flex.


After six hours on air,

Which I spent missing the two ladies I love and reflecting on what a sinner I am,

We had touched down king Abdulaziz International airport Mecca,

I waited to get my luggage while trying to reach my brother on his cellular,I tried and tried it wasn't connecting, thirty minutes gone and Jesse wasn't in sight.

Just when I thought to call Rebecca and let her know I had touched down Mecca, some men in uniform tapped me and asked politely " Are you, Mr. Lawless?"

Yes officer, I am I grumbled, "You are under arrest, we are here to escort you to the station." Was all the said before dragging me off to an unknown destination.



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