Illusions I

By Alex Lawless 10 months ago


                      Chapter One

                 My Animal kingdom

Light and darkness,

Winters and summers,

Spinsters and hookers,

Lord save a son from brokeness.

With all amount of fairness,

The line between right and wrong gets me restless,

Can't that sister do without fakeness?

Dude's still spreading falseness,

Claiming to be this and that when they are worthless.

Is there nothing to life beyond this?

Hookers looking good with makeups yet dirty and brainless.

Spinsters looking for a "He to run cashless,

 While the He just wants to see her pantless.


Holy Mary,

This is madness!

Send forth the black panthers and the white walkers to purge the land of dark stalkers, heal the land and stop the chaos.


Good or bad,

Right or wrong,

December's birth is Easter's death,

I'll give it up to fate,

Not every man can relate,

This I slowly detest,

The oppressed collaborating with her oppressors while the others "pray for a certain deliverer far away in the land of imagination and abstractions" to fight the battles while they hide behind the gates,

I ain't no freedom fighter 

So I'll keep shut and look away.


In fact!

There's a sister i need to date,

A girl that knows my hustle at the gate,

Yet she stays with no regret.

A good girl would fit the role,

Doing everything without being told,

Soon wearing things that make her look old,

While judging young girls with bikini at the pool,

Charge me for contempt of court,

But i can't have another mortal judge me, 

Just because i'm hot and everybody loves me,

What's the benchmark for judging rights from wrong anyways?

That 16 year old girl on bikini that can still be a proper lady with time and training is bashed and judged by a 35 year old married lady who wears Makeup just to lie to herself, act holy, while the church is just her cover for infidelities and transmission of transmissions.

Don't be deceived!

Proper home training doesn't always make proper people it is solely an individual's choice to be either good or bad.

You can't stop a man from making at least one wrong choice that goes against the laws,

Besides no matter how proper the training, each man dies with a thousand and one regrets, along with a list of shoulds and should have.


Light  or dark,

Good or evil,

Along with all the vices on this level,

We forget something called human preference,

Even when we all know there has to be balance,

And each man has a part to play towards maintaining that balance,

One prefers to be good the other prefers to be bad,

One prefers to walk the path of light the other prefers a path without light,

Just like the sun comes after the rain,

And just like seasons remain the same,

There would always be good and bad men,

Until we reach the last lane,

One man strives to be rich and eventually arrives, 

Another preferred to die poor without striving.


Even spinsters our dear sisters and other sex workers still want a good man after years of whoring,

Not a perfect man, just a good man for perfection is something mankind would never attain.

The battle between good and bad has its root in choice which flows from the fountain of freewill,

Once the choice to be a hooker creeps in,

Sleeping around becomes an addiction even in holy matrimony.


We are all horny for wrong choices,

We fuck it and damn the consequences,

Mistakes seems the bench mark for judging rights from wrong,

After all, no one sees what you do behind closed doors,

As long as your secret is safe you are better,

Than that brother caught in the same matter.


Hearing them say no matter what you do "don't get caught" If you are, "just deny the act" becomes a national slogan,

Making it possible for a boy that stole 5 naira, 

To  be sentenced by a judge that has stolen a million dollar.


Need I remind you of the man in high places? 

Who syphons public funds and is now a political tycoon?


Our system seems to favor the rich and powerful,

The old and not the young,

This we already know,

Yet what baffles me,

Is the fact that men of light,

Speak no longer for the light but for personal gain's and favors,

Just to make sure their future is bright,

Regardless of the church members plight,

And are now slave's to Mr. political tycoon, 

Whom they pray for and bless,

After all, whom they say God has blessed the oppressed cant curse.


Together these class of men oppress and mislead the masses,

Who now suffers blindness, something more like loss of foresight.

If only the masses can see their advantage in this game,They would act right, and save the Nation from disgrace, and fight for the future just so there is hope,

Hope for a time equality and human rights are not concepts some dreamt of but concepts even the common man can relate with.


"This Nation is more like a brainless penis always getting hard in wrong places, embarrassing me around fine ladies, and bailing on me when I need it most"

This is more like my Nations plight,

I really need to take a flight,

The system doesn't want to get it right,

People in this Nation no longer sleep at night,every day they live in fright, oh what an ugly sight,to watch everything you had vanish in a single night.

My fans above how far? Why not pass a motion to safeguard life and be the voice for human life?



You've been bought by Mr.political tycoon,

So you turn a blind eye and let him and his co tycoons enjoy the tax they loot without safety for tax payers.

Excuse me sir, 

But how do you'll even sleep at night?

Maybe that's why your gates have such heights,

They know their days are numbered,

They know they are outnumbered,

They pay for security because they fear we have the numbers,

Yet we lack that knowledge so we perish,

No one is speaking out we stomach the rubbish,

What is Lie saying,

It must be Gibberish,

Let them continue claping for rubish.

Not a second, nor a minute, nor a thing they say can keep me in this animal kingdom of men were "animals have become armed robbers of men"


Can anyone help me fathom,how we got to this junction where nothing functions, look at the fractions, from a simple factor, that we have presidential actors, that loot from all sectors and belong to many factions,

A class of its own,

You may choose to call them Cartels,

So no one wants to take actions,

As that would warrant some harsh sanctions.

It's so bad nations hate us, they see us, they just reject us.

Without second thoughts blame the youths the government always would forgetting the saying "Like father, like son".

Come to think of it,

If the citizens (son) are looters,

 It's all thanks to our Fathers (government) the great looters,

Because when it comes to right or wrong?

There is no sinner, there is no saint and no need for blame games.


After rendering the Nation jobless, they call us lazy and jobless, maybe he meant to say worthless, all this because we are weak and toothless, and they know that toothless dogs don't bite, they only bark. A thief would certainly exploit this weaknes.

I hear war drums,

Oh! How I hate war drums,

Especially the ones from knowhere,

Reminding me of my time at nowhere,

Where youths are the leaders straightaway,

And don't listen to promises of leadership in a tomorrow that is faraway.


The white be Whites,

The black be blacks,

There advancement we can attain,

But daily, we choose to retain the mediocrity and disdain,

Making a global mockery of the black name,

And always recycling old men,

Seemingly losing touch with history, making it possible for reoccurrence in the near future,

Whatever your take is we just have to face this, what do you do when you've been made to believe in these lies?

While the truth has been painted as a big fat lie?

Thanks to the media, this is what we have, true Religion is now something we had, worship of man and not God gets us aroused, the gap between what is preached by the Preacher, and what is done by Mr. Preacher seems so far apart, Seems they forgot, actions speak louder than words, along with that phrase,

"Practice what you preach"



                          Chapter 2  



Autumn or falls, 

winters or summers,

Nothing taste better than the lips of a good lover,

Alas she gave you her Cleavages,

Yet you used her because you believe you are clever, 

In you she thought she had a lover,

No hard feelings you did what you thought was better.


But that was not the case when I started an unholy affair with Rebecca,

Despite my long list of ladies she was better,

It was not right but we could not surrender.


she is a queen in all her splendor,

It was wrong but I enjoyed her seduction,

especially as I have always had her in my immagination,

She took me to a certain destination ,

Where she gave me the best sensation ,

It didn't take long to feel the connection,

So strong i developed a permanent intention ,

To continue digging it till the end of this generation.


We enjoyed our selves and the truth was no longer necessary,

How would I let go of this beauty with her big ass-sessory,

We had become harden sinners in a loving and sexual sanctuary,

Built by a seductress that was my brothers fiancee,

I enjoyed her company and flattery,

While she enjoyed me and my rough fuckry.


It didn't take long to forget that she was my, brothers fiancee,the truth had soon become vanity, leaving this seductress was the infinite definition of insanity.

I was drunk in love,lost in passion and making some wrong decisions. 

And one of those wrong decisions was all it took to bring me back to reality

Don't sweat it's nothing worth crying over,

It's just that one of those days while we were chilling,

She looked into my eyes and said,

" Lawless you know it's only you I'm loving,

You know how to give me good loving,

Although it's wrong,I want you to know I'm pregnant,

And i'll be keeping the baby no matter what society says.


I was lost,

I could'nt even say a thing to her,

How would I face Jesse my senior brother?

How would she face her fiancee?

It was at that moment I wish I could turn back the hands of time.


Good choices,Bad choices,

They are both part of the grand plan for Ballance,

Just so you know, "The customer is not always right"

But you let him have his way just so your business future remains bright, 

and at the end of the day you have a worthy financial height.


I wasn't right either,

But I was her friendly stalker,

Always putting her twerk video's on repeat.

Until that faithful day,

That day i will always remember,

That day I can never regret,

She gave to me my heart's desire.


At her chamber in leads, 

She finally fulfilled  my fantasies,

And ushered in an episode of unending pleasure,

We went from corner to corner, wall to wall,

From the bed to the floor, the floor to the parlor and from the parlor to the yard,

From that moment I had become her dearest comfort in time of need and distress,

"Na she  come d rush me" became the new caption for my latest catch,

But this latest catch was my brothers fiancee,

The moment she said "I'm pregnant I was as lost as Alice in wonderland"

But wait a minute,

 what kind of man commits this kind of great sin against his brother?


She kept it,

She gave me a daughter,

We named her after her mother,

Jesse stopped supporting the moment he heard the story,

Rebbeca even lost her job the moment they heard the story.


I'm sorry Rebecca,

But I have to take this job at mecca,

And I might never come back home to our daughter Rebecca,

When she's grown tell her I loved her,when am settled I'll bring you girl's over,

Tell her I left because i don't want her to suffer, From a mistake I and mom made back in December.


Many people now think that I'm a fool,

So i have so much to prove,

And this Nation doesn't want to improve,

We accept the status quo without reproof,

The state and the church collaborate to rob the floor member who's just an innocent dove that believes everything without researching and thus knows nothing.


He is tolerating reproach,

While there pockets encroach,

While I pray for a better day,

I must be prepared for the rainy day, and our kingdom has no provision for such a day,

Yet they do have provisions for laws that enslave the poor, make them poor and poor just so the rich get Richer.


It reminds me of Karl Marx,

That great teacher,

One of his great words i still remember that "religion is the opium of a believer ( people)"

And we all happen to be believers, as all man has a belief system.

It means whether a Christian, Muslim or atheist, Religion is your weed, your alcohol and that codeine (opium)you claim to hate.

Funny enough those banning them are in the corridors of power consuming them,

And when they are high on enough, their extremist actions manifest, in religious tensions, loss of life's, and loss of propertie.


Did I fail to mention the herdsmens terror over the sons of men?

These acclaimed harmless folks have blood on their hands,

If you can't cuff him simply cut of his hands,

He'll live to regret the days he pulled a trigger with those hands,

But no they won't rather the "Giant prefers to negotiate with rats"

Can't someone resonable move a motion? Or at least take action?  To end these reign of terror and universal dissatisfaction?


Holy Mary, mother please forgive me again,

For I'm just a sinner turned a critical thinker,

Sometime that winter in december, i and Rebecca making out in her chamber,

That night I'll always remember,

You are the mistake I'll always love forever,

Now I understand that something good can come out of wrong decisions.


Let me jejely leave this Animal kingdom,

Because i know it's a better decision, as government has nothing beneficial to offer the population.

Although, they are very good at empowering a few to secure thier re-election, tactically sending the  "guilible youth's to their damnation", just so they can keep ruling the animal kingdom.

Let me  go out there to see how I'll make sure your life is better,

So i can offer you all the things my father couldn't offer. That's why I need to take this offer, from your uncle in Mecca.


As i have heard,

 the economy in this mecca, would help me raise Becca and mummy better.

But pardon me to hide who your uncle is for the later,

And with time you would get to know him better,

As the man who would have called you daughter,

When you are thirteen you'll understand better.

Goodbye daughter wish me success when you read this latter๐Ÿšถ๐Ÿšถ๐Ÿšถ๐Ÿšถ๐Ÿš•๐Ÿš–๐Ÿ›ซโœˆ๏ธ.








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