By Ogbe Samuel 5 months ago

Stuck in my past

Craving for a revival

Entangled in webs of rejection and oppression

Saturated with old memories of pain

Pains emanating from the tales of unfulfilled desires


I'm tired of these pains

I'm tired of running this race without grace

My strength has failed me

I'm drowning in my tears

Intimidated by my fears

I've lost my vision to see

And everything I called mine

Indeed my history is filled with misery


Guess all I have left are my scars

A constant reminder of my blissful days

Guess I'm human after all

Guess being human entail pains and hurts


Echoes of my depression

Reverberate in my head

Eradicating the voice of my redemption

I allowed myself wallow in self-pity

Dancing in self-blame

They say life is good

But all it has served me

Are food of rejection and regrets

What then is good about life?


Soaked in anguish

Drowning in despair

Thinking of the next line of action

Then I heard a voice so clear

That it felt like ripples gliding down my spine

Inspiriting my dark soul

From low

I glowed in the dark tunnel

Radiating His grace

All I could think of was HOPE

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