By Adeola Dhikrah Omowunmi 5 months ago


Life can be rosy at times; But it can't be at all time; There are the laughing moments; But later, you feel like a monument; Life changes; Just like weather changes; At times you feel lost; At times you feel loved; So know; Life can't be rosy at all time. You will miss dear ones; With whom you've lived with like one; You will feel like giving up; Without knowing there's still a way up; The road to success is not smooth; Nor appealing like a smoothie; So you can say; Life is not rosy at all. You get everything you need; Everytime you are in need; You snap your fingers; And your need lingers; In situations like this, You can say life is rosy. You encounter troubles; You face many hurdles; But inspite of these; You have to take Life for what it is; Sometimes it's just you against the world; Other times, it's you and peers against the world; You will get knocked down many times; You just have to be strong during those times; And then knock life down; Without been down So is life rosy or not? The thing is; Life is not rosy; No matter how affluent you are; No matter how influential you are; What is certain is; You crossed hurdles before achieving these; Nothing comes in an easy way; There's always a price to pay; Life can't be rosy at all time; Initially it is not; But with dedication it is.

© Adeola Dhikrah Omowunmi

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