By Okolo Chinua 6 months ago

"Moments are different from memories," he explains with a smile. "I could be sitting with you all day talking but that could be a beautiful thing for you, doing something you like with someone you love, that there is a memory. I could take you out to the best of places and get you everything you desire, that could be something you do or don't like doing, doing something you like with someone you don't really like, that there is a moment. A relationship built with moments and memories is rare but last the longest. It's easier to create a moment from a memory than it is to create a memory from a moment.. A better moment could surpass the former but memories rarely fade..." a girl in the background raises her hand offensively to question.

"You're wrong sir! For us... " she begins.

"Young lady," he cuts in, "You do realize there is a reason I'm standing up here and you're seated there. Do you have any idea why that is?" she stares at him confused. "Let me clear you. Is it because I'm better or smarter? Or because I  happen to be a lecturer at a young age? It's not. Rather, it's because I know something you don't which I'm trying to tell you not for you to entirely digest it but for you to assimilate and tell me if I am correct or if something is missing. That's why you're called listeners not receivers." 

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