By Adeniyi Adekunle 4 months ago

A blanket of dirty grey cottony clouds that seem to stretch forever covered the face of the late Sunday afternoon sky. It looked like it wanted to rain. The service had just ended, a rarity, one of those services that heaven decided to visit the earth. 

Because of the dull weather, people were rushing to leave for home. As a member of the Security Team, part of my job was to ensure things went smoothly as people leave the church.  While doing that, a familiar voice called from behind. 

‘Bro Kunle, I want you to meet a sister, she writes beautifully like you.’

I hissed within myself and said ‘and so? Can't this one see I am busy now?’ I muttered.

 At that point in my life, I was not disposed to meeting new people. Nothing in me wanted to meet Faleye Mercy that day, however not a nerve on my face showed it. Within me, I was trying to come up with reasons why Bro. Tayo wanted me to meet this ‘Writing Sister’.

I turned to meet Bro Tayo with a thin smile. ‘No problem sir, please give me 5 minutes. I need to put some things in order.’ I said. 

On the way to meet this super writer, over a thousand questions and pictures floated in my mind. Who is she? Have I seen her before? Have we talked before? How will I…? Bro Tayo’s voice broke my flow of thought. 

‘You don’t need to worry, I have told her about you,’ I forced a smile and nodded. We took a left turn, walked past the bookshop, and headed for the parking space. I lifted my head, the figure I saw before me was not familiar  

Her hair was like a set of a well-woven black mop, carefully arranged on her head, the black blouse she wore fitted her frame. Her skirt grazed her knees as air blew. 

Without a doubt, Sis. Mercy is tall, but the silver wedged high-heels she wore added extra inches to her height.

A few meters from getting to her, her cheekbone rose with a smile, you must be Bro. Kunle?’

‘Yes, I am,’ my answer was short and direct. 

‘Bro Tayo told me about you, he said you are a good writer.’  I let out a burst of soft laughter, turning to Bro. Tayo, I said  ‘don’t mind him, I am still learning.’ 

‘What do you write about?’

‘Espionage and International Relations.' She wanted to continue talking but I cut in. 

‘Please don’t be angry ma, I have to attend to somethings now. May I get your contact, please? So we can talk later.’

‘Oh! Not a problem.' Her face still beaming with a smile. We exchanged contact and I left.

One hour after we exchanged contacts, my phone started ringing. Simi’s ‘smile for me’ blended well with the vibration of my phone. A brother of God using ‘smile for me’ as a ringtone. It is well. 

On checking to see who was calling me, my phone screen showed in white letters against a blue background: Sis Mercy Faleye calling. 

I picked the call before any word came out of my mouth. ‘Hello Bro Kunle, this is Sister Mercy, I got your number a few minutes ago, it was nice meeting you today. Anyway, just to tell you I have gotten home.’ 

'Alr...ight ma,' I stammered, trying to think about what to say next. Before I said the next word. Her voice came up again. 

'Goodbye sir, I guess you are busy now. I will call you later.' 

At that moment I knew our friendship will be everything but platonic.  

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