The Best Ship

By Agatha Johnson 9 months ago

It's a ship

It would not lose its deep

Even in a path so steep

It can not slip

It needs one's caring

and the boarder's sharing


Everything may have an earn

But it does not have an end

It takes a lot of people

But it does not cripple


It's recipe is little

and it makes the journey simple

It can never lie

Though its boarders can

It never dies

And its boarders love stands



It can never leak

If it is for proper keep

It needs a cup of loving

and a glass of hearing

boxes of gifts

that must work in shifts


A jug of faith

a plate of truth

a bowl of trust

which can never frost

a pot of time

and a lot of chimes


It never smiles on suckers

and wholly frowns on boggers

It needs people going the same destination

and not just a location

It can never be boarded like every other ship

because its friendship

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