I Will Not Regret

By Happiness Effiong 6 months ago

We were like sisters 

Our friendship amazed the stars

The days we spent still linger in my heart 

But due to your pride, we had to part

I will not regret 


The times we spent laughing at people 

The days we laughed at your pimple

We always loved to keep life simple 

But now the hole in our friendship is deeper than a dimple 

I will not regret 


We used to sing together

Angels joined us no matter the weather 

Crazy dancers were we

But now rivals are we

I will not regret 


I may choose to forget 

All the days we spent 

But you chose to leave 

When in me you could no longer  believe 

I will not regret 


I will not regret anything 

Because from you I learnt something 

To never get too attached to someone 

There are other reasons but I love this particular one

I will not live a life full of regrets

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