I Spoke My Mind And I Got Attacked For It

By Benjamin Ibe 12 months ago

I spoke my mind and I got attacked for it
I thought this people got my back, boy.
Another murder on the television, mehn, someone should just turn it off.
Boko Haram killing people along the Niger area, would that ever end?
Paul won the elections again, president for over 36years,loving power, mtcheew!
Is it only Paul, what about the one that will happen in Febuhari of next year?
African youths have ideas but nobody wants to convert the Sun to solar as to Energize them.
They are left at the mercy of tramadol and codine, fascinating, isn't it?
They told us we're tomorrow's leaders

We were deceived. They only used us as ladders
To climb up high to their insatiable lusts.
They don't care about us, a settled fact
I really don't understand celebrating a school Cert.
If this country is too bulky for us to manage, let's sell it
If then I lose my share of the profit from sales I'll blame myself.

#Vote wisely.


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