I Shall Soar

By Daniel Adamu 7 months ago



I'm like a mustard seed on your palm,

yet you drawn me a line to the lions pride

to full the cup of your pride,

making my returning home

a story for the ghost.


I always try my best 

to make your days cool

but you always call me a fool

why all the hate 

Or because I was born late?


You're there glancing

Like a fresh water  fish

As you send me to relax in lion's den.


 like the moon 

that feeds everyone's night I live,

yet you say  my heart is darker

 than the  Baboon's coat.


I live under the hot in my hurt 

without error yet,

you broadcast that I'm a terror,

trying to blind the world of the real me.


 I'm cheerful like the sun

Yet  you defamed me to be glum

Just rest your head on the loath,

I shall soar on the back of the wind

like the eagle.

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