I Love To Write You

By Obinna kalu 4 months ago


Life is just a quest to find you. Now I've found you, life just began.

Humans are truly the tastiest thing created by God.

Little wonder folks always refer to their Significant other as...




Udara mmicha😍

Onunu ugu m...

Choco choco...


Depending on the taste they provide....the list is endless.

Is it not why we call her ‘sweetheart’, even though we haven't tasted her heart?

With latest additions like;

"Too much sauce"

"Too much Juice"

"Hot and Spicy"

yours is indescribable... satisfying every of my taste buds.


What should I call you now?

Did you just ask me what your response should be after reading this write up?

Oh nooo...

All I need is just a smile. 

Don't ever let that smile fade…



The events of the recent times tried to take away our perks and charms, our poems and dance.

Oh! I should add, some hugs with open arms.

Flashes of waters at the ocean bay rescind.

Dry leaves fall off yet bloom again.

Enchanting lullaby may lure you to sleep,

Those late night stories made you smile and not snore

Don’t walk too deep in the land of dreams, awake awaits a sleeper.


I'm still love struck. I still form songs and compose my forms at the thought of you.

You are an intentional single lady. I am the intentional writer who loves to write you and writes to love you.                                                                  





So sensing, so caring, so full option like the latest edition

I’m satisfied, I don’t want more

If I ever try to doubt God’s love to me, I will remember He gave me you

Your beauty glows more especially when you recoil to pray

That takes away the fact that you’ve become my go-to girl whenever I think of fun and play

Birds have wings, they fly

Stars have twinkle they shine

We have us, we shall try.

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