I Killed His Love

By Agatha Johnson 5 months ago

From a site

Of which I lay my sight

I came upon him

That looked well trim

I fell

And he could tell

For his lies

Were so real

He didn't have to try

I guess it was a deal

Of which he was known for

Among all of them four


Then he fell

But it looked frail

He tried not to tell

Even when he would have wailed

And then I decided to try

Hoping I don't get my heart fried

And so the journey began

Filled with hopes of what we can

Though we hoped never to end up in a pan

But with a royal band


It started out great

Until I needed to upgrade

For a good grade

That would change our bread

And then did I realise

That every ship needs constant talk

In order not to take a walk

Of no return

Filled with cries

From a thorn


But the realisation came late

As our love stood at the gate

Because almost everything became eluded

Even the ones we never thought of were included

And then we found ourselves at the brim

Hoping for a trim


And out of no where

There came another

That knew my everywhere

Unlike the other

I needed a distraction

And he became an attraction

Though not physically

But he was chemically

And then I made my one crumble

Leaving him in shamble


Though It was never intended

But we never pretended

With our words

Sharper than a sword

And there went the one

My only true one

I killed his love

Of which he truly gave

I'm sure up above

They would dig my grave

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