By Hannah Abasiekong 7 months ago

Most times in life,  everything comes to us as a remembrance, it seems it has happened before, we have heard it before, we refuse to acknowledge it as new. 

In such cases, nothing is new any longer. A young man once lived a life of so many experiences, he went to places, met with people, attained lots of conferences and life became nothing to him any longer. He was tired of repetition and needed something new. He studied almost everything and taught everyone who wanted to learn anything. 

Someday, he woke up as usual, had himself prepared as he always do, he felt nothing deserves to be referenced any longer for life has made everything understand it. 

But he never lived to return home. He was in a drastic accident and the pains he felt was very new. He didn't want to experience it, he was suffering for the first time. He wept and regretted his pride in believing he has seen it all. 

You can never know too much. Life has only given you all you have to humble yourself and appreciate what you have. "http://www.quickmba.com/marketing/product/lifecycle/

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