I Can't Breathe

By Frank Olunga Khange 3 months ago

I can't breathe, you are choking me,

was it my mistake?

You always come home late and drunk,

and touching me is like a plague,

is it my fault?


You never saw the worth in me,

to you, I was a rusted metal.

How many times I pleaded with you;

to come home early,

to give me time in your "busy" schedule.

How many times?


Is it my fault that your lifespan is two minutes,

you always leave me thirsty,

thirsty for more,

tell me was it my fault to jump over the fence?

Please stop I can't breathe.


Your mother was demanding for grandchildren,

did you want them to call me barren,

just because you are too lazy,

I did it for both of us,

it was never my fault.

Please stop I can't breathe.


Where did you get the guards to call me a whore?

I wonder if I was married to alcohol!

Killing won't reverse anything,

What will you tell my children?

Stop, you will kill me.


You have turned me into a punching bag,

and tattooed my body with scars,

it was never my fault,

you never played your part,

you will kill me,


I can't breathe.



© Masterwork

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