Hustlers Life


Struggling tirelessly everyday without making a turning

Thanks to vision that keep us moving

The craw of the cock is of no use in the morning

The sound of our doors wake the neighbors in the morning

And they know; it's a new day but they will keep mourning


Sleeping like a fowl 

Be on the street early or else the day will be a foul 

In our house we are strangers

We leave so early, enter so late like the sneaking of avengers


Good days we pray for but we know not about church and mosque

When counting money, they beg, we mock

Don't be Lazy so we advice them to work

We are the thousandnaires on the street that never rest on the work


Many expenssive experience we gain

We earn, we loose, we fall, we rise and we gain

God aside, we worship our hustle but all in vain

Will more time with God earn us Something but pain?

Goods in the stock, have to sell fast and make our gain


Like a  disobedient child that  lacks forever

So is our life because we are not a believer 

Lack of rest is the reason for this fever

And other things we lack, i pray we don't lack forever.

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