How To Qualify For A Job In 2019

By George Nyaure 21 months ago

The year has just ended and we have started a new year. The festive is over and it has given another time to focus on very important things in this year. Do not give up if you did not get a good job in the previous year. But go back to the drawing board and take inventory of what could not have been done well.


This is the right time to check what could have not been done well and correct it at this early stage. Here are some of the tips which can assist you to get a good job in this year 2018.


1.    Don’t be selective


Some people after graduation tend to wait for their dream jobs. These are big jobs and titles, but they don’t just come at once but form a very humble ground. So start from a scratch in order to get to the top of the ladder.


Start with what you get even if it’s an intern or attachments. It will be a great opportunity to gain experience and to build your network with the right people doing the same thing.


2.    Have a well-written CV.


A CV is a document that shows more about you. It has more details about you well written and it explains why you are the best for that job. It contains your contact, experience, background and achievements. It should set us apart from other applicants. It will determine whether we qualify for that interview or not.


Sometimes it’s hard to write your own CV but you can hire someone professional to write for you at some fees.


3.    Networking


Most of the jobs are found through networking and referrals. You need to be in touch with friends and relatives who are working in different organizations. You can also be active in social media. Some organizations advertise their vacancies in social media like Facebook Tweeter, Linkedin etc.


4.    Interview Preparation


When you qualify for the interview does not mean that you are the best. But still, you have one more step ahead to go through. And basically, you are not alone but you are a group of the best and they want to choose the very best.


 It’s important to prepare for the interview early enough to increase your chances of getting the job.


Early preparation always helps reduce nervousness during the interview. Am going to do the interview questions and how to go about them in my next letter.


5.    Apply on time and for the right job.


It’s always wise to apply for the right job and apply at the right time. The job you qualify for and you have enough experience and skills. Do not apply for an engineering job while your expertise is in medicine.


 It does not make sense. Beyond all these, make your application at the right time. Maybe the fir4 Important Things To Consider When Applying For Jobs



When job hunting we all make the mistake of applying for almost every job we come across that seems fit for us. We forget about applying for a position we are passionate about or are even right for.




During the job search, most people believe that the more jobs you apply for, the better your chances of getting a job. This means, that most people end up working in a position they do not like or doesn’t coincide with their career goals.


Here is a list of things to consider when choosing which job to apply for


1. Your Qualifications


We hear this all the time, only apply for jobs you are qualified for. What does this mean though? First of all, you need to know at least you satisfy the minimum qualifications of any job you apply for.


This might just be enough to land you the interview. However, if you keep applying for jobs you are not qualified for not only are you wasting time and resources that could be used to find another job which you are qualified for but you will also get a lot of rejections which in the end can be very discouraging.


Therefore, before applying for any job position ensure that you satisfy the qualification requirements. There is no point in applying for a job that requires someone with CPA and yet you do not have these qualifications.




2. Job Location


The job location is also very important when applying for a job. You need to figure out if it is in an area where you are willing to work in. Things like transport and accommodation come to play when applying for jobs outside your town.


You need to ask yourself if you are willing to relocate if the job requires you to move to another town. Are you okay with the time it takes to travel to the job location? If not, it is better not to apply for such a job as it would only lead to frustration if you get it.


Also, some organisations specifically ask applicants in form to fill in the location where they are coming from and if you are not living in the area where the job is, your chances of getting the job are very slim.


3. The Salary Offered


Does the job offer a salary you can live on? I quit a job once because I was using more money than I was earning. Look at how much you will need to spend on food, transport and the likes before taking a job.


Does the salary offered to cover all this? If you spend more than you are being paid for on things like transport and lunch. Then is it really worth it?


4. Opportunities for Career growth


You need to ask yourself whether the position offers opportunities for you to grow in terms of experience and skills gained.


Does the job add any value to your career goals? If you apply for the same position you held in a different company and it has the same responsibilities and offers nothing new, then what are you really learning? Is it a step forward in your career or are you just mark timing. These are important questions you should ask yourself before you send in that application.


Looking for a job can be a daunting task especially if you have received a lot of rejections. However, do not give up and focus on positions you are able to work in and be productive. Remember it is important to have a career you love because this means you will be more productive.



These are the right tips that if you follow up when you are interested in a job which was advertised. Your chances of getting that job are very high. 



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