How To Make Money Farming Catfish

By Charles Osuigwe 18 months ago

Catfish Production

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Catfish production  and how you can make money easily from catfish farming is the purpose of this book.

Secrets of successful catfish production will show you what is important to do in order to make money from catfish farming.

In this edition, I shall be presenting only detailed and necessary information that can make your catfish grow-out business become very successful.

Many people have failed in their quest to make money through catfish farming and many more are still  failing and wondering where the profit of catfish farming is.

Follow me as I unveil the steps you can adopt to make catfish farming very lucrative for you.

Be informed that this work is not an academic exercise, but a practical approaches anyone can use to skyrocket his catfish business production.


Catfish Stock Selection

Catfish stock selection is one of the very important work that must be done by a catfish grow-out farmer.

Catfish stock selection is the ability of a catfish farmer to get the type of catfish breed that has the highest chances of performing according to the expectations required in catfish performance chart.

This selection has to do mostly with the hatchery and the quality of parent broodstocks they use for breeding.

Most catfish seeds - fingerlings and juveniles are of low quality because of the ease of catfish breeding (using any mature fish as Broodstock material) as against what obtains in poultry industry where the parent stock is by pedigree.

The practice is that a farmer after rearing the table size catfish to meat, keeps some that will get to 1 year plus and he uses it as a  quality broodstock material and start selling the seeds to fish farmers as broodstocks.

But the truth is that these types of stocks already has less performance vigor naturally.

They are not the seed from a crossbreed that gives the right type of seed for table-size meat fast.

For any reason that this unknown genealogy fish becomes part of your production stocks, chances are that your performance chart will always be below average till the end of the production cycle, and this of course, is a good sign of failure.


What to do to get quality catfish seed stocks.

Patronise only reputable hatcheries . This is the only way you can get quality catfish feeds that will perform optimally as a grow out table size.

Overcrowding Syndrome

The tendency to practice overcrowding in catfish production is on the high side. Most farmers want to make more money faster with stocking more fish per pond without considering the negative effect on their performance.

Once a fish pond is overstocked at any age, the growth potential of the stock is reduced significantly.

Always stock your ponds using acceptable ratios. Concrete ponds 10 fish per square metre and earthen ponds 20 fish per square metre.

Proper Feeding

Most fish farmers do not feed their fish to satisfaction. They practice the withdrawal method of feeding, where the required nutrients and amount does not go to the animals because they are are not yet returning money. That is the animal is fed as the owner can afford whether they are satisfied or not.

No. You should have a feeding chart that clearly spells out what quantity of feed each animal can take in a day, and you try and give it that quantity, so that you can adequately get close to your expected results in the week under review.

Poor Stock Grading

Poor stock grading is another major limiting factor to catfish grow out performance.

Catfish have the habit to be domineering and they fight the smaller ones and don't allow them eat feed as they ought, especially, ordinary ponds that are not practicing recirculating system of production.

This makes them to have poor performance if not checked early enough.

A catfish farmer should sort and grade his fish stock at least monthly.

Every month, you drain the water completely and manually or with grading machines such as plastic bowls with required holes to separate the smaller ones.

None Use of Growth Promoters

None use of growth promoters is another crucial factor mitigating fish performance.

Growth promoters are organic supplements that enhance the synthesis and elasticity of flesh growth.

Some are antibiotics while others are herbal. When used in animal production, they make very significant impact on performance.

Feed Conversion Ratio

Feed conversion ratio is the amount of feed used by an animal as against the amount of weight it produced.

It determines the quality of a feed as exemplified by the animal in question.

It's bottom line is that the cheaper the cost of meat the better the quality of feed used.

But from the above list of why a catfish farmer may experience poor performance, you can see that many factors play a role to determine the final feed conversion ratio.

Now, that your fish is well taken care of and has turned out good weight, you can comfortably sell them to as many markets as need your farm products.

First determine your cost so far and use it to plot your expected gain. This tells you how much to sell by kilogrammes or per fish.

Secondly, weigh the whole batch and know what you're likely to get given various prices and also the sizes of your fish, before bringing in the buyers.

Talking of how to get money from catfish, why not open a fish selling shop either roasted or cooked.

This helps you to maximize the gain from your effort.


In conclusion these are some interesting things that can make one not to have a good run for his money in catfish production.

You can use them to go ahead and make a decent production in catfish even if you're a newbie.

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