How It Started

By Iyeuwa, Fortune Chinem 10 months ago

    Having grown up in a solidary environment, I have learnt to be positively different.


             It all started on the 25th of June, 1999. The very day i came into this world. Opening my eyes to behold a wonderful mother and father beside me, I became very contented because I knew, I haven't fell into the hands of ordinary humans. But divinely from above, I had the privilege of having extraordinary parents, whose personalities can't be measured.                              I grew up as a single being, without   having who to play with most times but always get endless love from my dadddy (Late Chief Reuben Okpora Iyeuwa). Who gave me all I needed and made life a wonderful platform for me. He played the role of a friend rather than a father, understanding all my feelings at every point of my life.                                                                    So it continued. Not untill when I was 14years, when death knocked at the door and so the friend I had, left without a word. Another chapter of life opened. A mother tried to play the role of a father, who's role can't be replaced by anyone. Not hesitating, she did her best. And that I know I will reward her one-day.                                                    Having spent most time with my Dad, I learnt to be with my Mummy. I learnt to understand, love and share in her pains.               Later days, life became very difficult, no food, no love, no care. Feeding in the boarding school bacame very difficult. Offence was picked on me only beacause i needed fatherly love and care. In cause of expressing my sorrowful heart. But Mummy encouraged me to always be happy and look forward to greater days.                                Concluding from Dad's love and Mummy's word of encouragement. I decide  to be a Positively Different Being. Looking at my past, I see myself as a DIVINELY DISTINGUISHED PERSONALITY, who's heart is filled of Greatness and path is ordered by The Almighty God. Who I call (God of Possibilities).Who has preserved my life, and keep me each day to build mysey only measuring with the Eagles, looking at Possibilities, and Greatness in my Today, not minding the Difficulties and Challenges on my path.


                                   DISTINGUISHED FICA                                                   ✍️✍️


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