How Do I?

By Jason Joshua chigozie 5 months ago

How do i write a poem 

about Love? 

I love you

And why? 


I love you because I love you! 

Must there be a reason to love? 

Must it always be"why"? 

What if my reasons go away someday.. 


I'd say because you're beautiful? 

You'd age someday... 

Will I still stay...

Beauty fades...


Or your charming smiles? 

Coz you're always happy

What if wrinkles show up

Will I be there to cheer? 


Because you're loving 

Tender, cute, nice 

Loyal, humble, trusting

Or pretty perhaps


All this could fade someday

Will I still love you? 

If you no longer look sexy as time goes

Or the curves ain't there no more? 


I can't give reasons to love

If reasons to love ain't there

Reasons to hate arises

It hurts... 


I've not seen or hugged you

Played and strolled with you

Felt you in my arms

But my heart feels you


I love you despite your thoughts

You're bad? I'll wanna be your crime partner 

You're a queen, your king


I love you despite your flaws

Ups and downs. 

You're amazing

I love you, I love you... 


I love you despite not because

Its a game of heart, not physique 

There's no why to love you... 


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