\How A Suicidal Should Pray \How Not To Commit Suicide \Of Frustration And Relief

By Olabisi Akinwale 14 months ago

how a suicidal should pray -to say this prayer, rent a room outside your body for the next 105 seconds. give us this day; a reason//to live//to accept the sun as a scorching goddess//& our skins must sometimes be the victims of her rage//to wear our fears with courage// elegant in their elegance//& beaming in their attires// like blue dreams across night skies//to hold unto scriptures//where butterflies mime the songs of fire//where boys transit to the moon on wingless nights//where emptiness is a castle of fullness// & where joy is a flame//untamed by water//to outgrow the thorns in our father's name//& to walk deep into our wounds till we reach beautiful scars. a reason// to breathe//with nostrils choked with the smell of burnt stars//& with mouths stacked with locked prophecies. a reason// to hold on//to unseen promises// sang by noon birds//of boys// returning home in colours//of girls//bruised//yet beaming like sun rays// of pasts// flooded by rain//of places// haven to these broken bodies//& of a hand//bringi... read more

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