Home Alone

By Okpala precious 6 months ago

He moaned loudly as his d**k was sucked hard. 

Flora is done for the seamester. She went home happily to stay with her parents  but on her arrival, she met none of them, they went for an outing. The house is locked,she searched for the keys but she couldnt find them. Flora then thought of asking her neighbour,Benson.

She walked down to Benson's home,knocked on the door. Meanwhile,Benson was home alone and lost in erotic thoughts so he didnt hear the knock on the door untill flora start to knock hardly.  He then rushed out to open the door. 

hey, flora said.

Benson replied ,hi with a smile on his face.

did my parents give you our keys??",she asked him.Her mother usually give the keys to his home because of the jnr ones when they come back from school .

Ohhhh, yeah!. Come inside,lemme go get the keys.he said.

Flora came in, sat down and watched him leave to get the keys.  She and Ben had fooled around some time ago and her mind flashed back to those times as her eyes followed him. Although they have never had sex, they had only touched,smooched each other a lot but had never have the chance to go deeper. 

Ben came out with the keys and gave it to her.

oooo,thanks.she said.

You're welcome, he replied. 

Flora noticed he was the only one at home and decided to accompany him.

You re home alone??"

Yeah, i'm, Ben answered, laughing.

What a boredom!!!. Do u mind if i stay with ya?? ,when my siblings re bk frm school. I go. she asked him trying to touch him..

Sure, that will be more fun,he smiled replying her.

Ben left her and went into the room. She stood up and followed him,.

When she got into his room,she noticed that Ben has removed his clothes to go take his bath,she licked her lips and walked up to him. 

I know u wanna take your bath,can i join you??,she asked him playfully.

Lol,sure then.he went into the bathroom as he said to her laughing. he took his shower, came out with a towel and saw that flora was still in his room. He wasnt shy to change his clothes cause both of them have touched each other already. 

He removed his towel,trying to rub a cream. Flora came and took the cream from his hand and told him to lie down so that she can massage him. Benson laughed out nd laid with his stomach on the bed. 

She started massaging him, oiled his body. 

turn and face me, .flora said to him . He turned and faced her. 

Flora start to massage his front, creaming him from his head to his hard pr*ck . 

She played with his dick and finally gave him a blowjob. She sucked on his hard on dick,deepthroating his cock. Ben moaned loudly like a girl and stood up, pushed flora to the bed. 

Flora laid down flat with her back, Ben came to her started kising her,touching her from the face down to her boobs, he sucked her boobs, played with her nipples and his one hand down to her wet pussy.

 ahhhhh ohhhh hhhhh ahh, Fuck!!!!. Flora screamed out . 

Ben whisphered in her ear, i'm gonna fuck you soooooo hard cause ur moans turn me on the more.!!

Fuck my holes all hard, benson. flora said to him still moaning. 

Her words turned him on the more and gave him the urge to continue because he believed he was doing a good job to her. He left her boobs and went down to her wet pussy, he licked and sucked her c**t with pressure but passionately. 

Flora couldnt take it again and told him to insert his cock into her pussy,that her pussy is graving for it now. Ben did as he was asked to. Immediately he put his cock into her,he reached out for her g-spot , flora gave out a soft moan. 

His pelvic bone began to bump into her as they fucked hard. He was in bliss moving his cock in and out of her tight pussy.  She moaned and cried out,her pussy stretching to the brim. 

Flora was enjoying it and finally starting to get into it when Ben's prick gave a jerk and  he came. 

Knowing they didnt want to get caught, she quickly dressed up and went to her house.








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