Her Village People

By Victoria B. Willie 2 months ago

Just when it was Ezinne's turn to go in for the job interview, something unthinkable happened. It was as though her village people were trying to remind her of the fact that they hadn't forgotten her. As the heels she wore made a cracking sound and broke, she felt the ground wobble beneath her feet and the next thing that happened, she was sprawled on the floor.


Despite the fact that other applicants and even employees of the organization rushed to help her stand up, her shame would not leave her face. She had sprained her ankle as she fell and as such, she couldn't go in for the interview again. Ezinne almost screamed as the realization hit her. She was fed up already with the problems her shoes gave her. First, the sole of the flats she wore to her first job interview detached from the shoe and embarrassed her just as she walked into the venue. Second, she tripped and fell over one of her wedges while at a wedding and now this, all in one week!


"My sister, that has been my plight with my shoes o. It seems my village people have sworn to destroy me," Ezinne said as she concluded her narration to her friend, Joy.


Joy smiled. "I know your problem, Ezinne. It is not your village people".


"What then is it? " Ezinne asked, irritated that her friend could see the matter from another angle.


"It's your nonchalance towards the quality of your shoes. I don't know if it's because of money you choose to settle for less but your problem is you don't have good shoes".


Ezinne stared at her friend as that hit her hard. Joy was right. She didn't have good shoes. Most of the shoes she had were so much of low quality that they never lasted up to two months, making her always buying and buying.


"Don't worry, I know the solution to your problem. Ever heard of 'Shoe-Ga-Daddy'?"


"No. What's that? Wait you want to introduce me to sugar daddies or what?"


"No. I don't mean the sugar daddy you are thinking. This one is a store for ladies' shoes. I mean their shoes are really cool and mouth-watering. You can't see them without wanting to have your feet in them".


"Really? Tell me more."


"You just check out their Instagram page and see for yourself ". Joy took out her phone and opened the Instagram app then searched for @shoe-ga-daddy and gave the phone to Ezinne.


"Wow! These shoes are so beautiful!" she exclaimed.


"Yes they are and that's not all. They are equally affordable too."


"For real?"


"Yes. Shoe-Ga-Daddy is located at Block 55, Atara Shopping Plaza, opposite Mobil filling station Surulere, Lagos. They deliver to any location in Nigeria just in case you leave Lagos to another state."


"Can I place an order now? I think I've seen a pair I love. "


"Sure. Why not? Just send them a DM straight away".


And that was how Ezinne's problem with shoes was solved. For her next job interview, she had a very good carriage - thanks to the shoes she ordered from Shoe-Ga-Daddy. She passed the interview and got the job as there were no obstacles like a broken heel. Her village people weren't really after her as she thought.


Are you in need of quality shoes? Why don't you hit Shoe-ga-Daddy up now and let them serve your feet better? Don't be like Ezinne.




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