"Hell On Earth"

By Mercy Enujeko 22 months ago

Growing up in a polygamous family,wasn't easy for me. Too many people trying to bring you down and make you feel worthless....

My name is Ebelechuckwu,I grew up in a" not anything close to being a perfect " home. I wake up every morning expecting something bad to happen,you know why? Because nothing good happens! It was "hell" so going to hell now,might as well feel same...

There was competition every day,every wife wanted their children to be better than the next wife's children. So this opened way for fetishism, ohh ...that was a normal thing,and my dad was  okay with it because he was a herbalist..the family shattered ..

There was nothing called love,it was like being in bondage . Life was hard, started taking care of myself at age 9. Molested by a step brother,no one cared,abused by an uncle,no one still cared...*sobs*

My dad didn't care about anyone,just himself. After secondary school at age 15,I got admitted into the university, thinking I was free from my family and all the trauma I grew up with,I never knew worse was ahead... And then I asked myself:

When will I break free from all these?   When will my life begin?When will I stop living  hell on earth?


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Mercy Enujeko
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