Heart Of Love

By Mbee Barinedum 9 months ago



I love, not because I'm loved 

But because love is in me.

I love not because there are no bitter moments

But because I am content with the few good moments

That is who I am. 


I gave him the whole of my heart

He pierced right through the center

I heard the cracks on the wall of my heart

It broke me, but I stood still

That's me enduring pain.


He came asking for it again

I gave him the pierced heart

This time he was cruel

He pierced the same spot he had pierced before

My eyes couldn't hold back the tears

Tears of what they felt

Call me weak, I call myself "human"


Without a single word of apology

he came right back

He asked for the same thing he had tried killing

Well I gave him

It was all his

He did what he knew best

Exactly same spot

And then I fell on a knee

This time he didn't go

Just when I tried rising on the other knee

He went right at it

What a good archer he was


I fell right on my face

things were fading

Last I remember were sounds of his step

I guess he ran before he"ld be charged

I fought to open my eyes

To look into his eyes

I fought to survive

I lost it

At least I thought I did

Until I felt the warm arms of a stranger

Who whispered gently into my ears

"It's alright baby,

I waited for this day to come

By tomorrow he'll be biting his fingers at his lost

By tomorrow, he'll understand what he lost

And still by tomorrow, 

He'll remember when he was told that opportunity comes but once

Because you are my only opportunity

And I'm not letting it slide for nothing. 

You are mine baby, and I will protect you with my last breath"

I struggled to look at whoever he was

I couldn't any longer when I felt warm tears drop on my shoulders. 

Then he added "I am his best friend, I warned him"

Then I held on tight

Because I knew what it was.


Call me names

I call it "BRAVE"

I am "words"

Only bleeding what's in my vain.

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