Haunted But Alive

By Abasiakara Monday 5 months ago


I've lose track of my normal life

Feeling the emptiness inside

Craved to my soul's archive

NO RECORDS?....That's not right


I've tried to single out the problem

Nothing shown, nothing diagnosed

Why do I feel this kind of shame?

Why do I feel that I've seen a ghost?


Fear got all my emotions under control

But there's no scary figure around

I can't express the way I feel in my soul

There's something wrong making me frown


I hear the strange sounds in my head

One, like a laughing rattle proving sarcasm

Another like a squeak from my old bed

And the numerous strokes of bass drum


Rivers of tears rolling down my face 

Lost in thoughts of why I won't survive

My only wish is to rest in God's grace

But as I open my eyes I'm still alive


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