By Ariah Williams 12 months ago

I sit in the heart of anguish

and watch the rays of the setting sun

drown in my bleeding eyes.

Thoughts wandering to and fro like

an orphan thrown to the street

to smell the stinky scent of life

My faded faith clings to my deemed 

hope, both dangling on a broken line.

Waves of uncertainty toss my 

conviction round and about.

With my hands, I touch and count the stars,

there are few.

I wait for the moon; she rejects my presence

I wake from each dream shuddering

Strength fail, failure glare at the fight

between demons and self, battling with

zeal to conquer my sanity,

but every step I make only brings me closer

to a faceless fellow in black beckoning

"Come to me; I need your soul"

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