By Lily Okafor 3 months ago

Harmony understood the risk involved,she had been hurt once and probably hurt others more.But she is determined to make it work this time.”I’ll put more effort “she said 

Her fears are starting to be confirmed,Why the unnecessary sass and attitude from him?She really thought this would work out,she was determined to forget her ex and focus on her next.

One,two,three ....seven,yeah seven.Her current was her eighth.All her friends had enviable relationships,why was she different?she quizzed.

In dejection and tears after he had walked out of her life as they always do,she pondered over what the hell was wrong with her.

“Is my butt too big?” She asked trying to figure out what was wrong.Truth be told she was goddam pretty.

In her sleep Layla appeared to her soothing her pain “You are perfect,stand tall,find yourself and fix yourself,You are Harmony,tall,light skinned and outright adorable and no one is like you,if he can’t see how complete baller you are then he is an asshole”

Harmony is currently happy,she isn’t gonna force it anymore,when it’s right it’ll probably happen,well if it doesn’t,she is fine with it.She understands that you gotta kiss a few frogs before your Prince Charming,her’s is probably not a few,she laughs.

She is determined to not follow the trend,she’ll live life each day as it comes.And if she meets no Prince Charming,she is fine with it.



There is a Harmony around you enveloped in pain,find and soothe her like Layla did.

Namastey 🙏

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