By Archwealth gates 21 months ago

Of all seasons in the year,                                                                          
harmattan season is unique.
 It can also be called the harbinger of fortune,
because its arrival means bountiful harvest
to farmers and to everyone who cultivate
the ground.which is clearly seen from the way
they beam with smiles. 

This blissful season never walks alone,
without coming with its accomplices
cold and warm temperature.
its usually marked with cold breeze in the morning,
which can be traced to wind blowing across the sahara
and its sub region.
heat in the afternoon due to rise in temperature.

here in africa harmattan,
is like our very own summer.
what makes this harmattan season unique,
is the fact that its marks the end of a season
and the beginning of another.
This is imminent in the shedding off and 
growing of another leaves in most tree.

For photographers its the only time,
they can take that coffee brown pictures,
of the enviroment and houses covered with 
haze like in the deserts. 
 everyone both old and young wait patiently to see you, with our eyes and our mind on the gaze........


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