Happy Days

By Kehinde Adeniji 7 months ago

Whistling as I picked up the crumbled notes from the ground, I wished every day would just be like today. Thank God I didn't have to run after the bus like some other days. The lady who bought the bananas didn't even bargain. She paid the exact price I named. Lucky me, I had extra cash. I put the money in the pouch around my waist and crossed the road to get more bananas. 

God please let me just sell today like this oh

"Fathia! Fathia!" I turned and looked around, seeing nobody; I went back to selecting the bananas

Today is my happy day, today is my happy day.. 

"Fathia! Bananas!" 

Some one tapped me, it was Disu. He just pointed to the other side of the road. Abike was motioning from the other side of the road. She pointed to a black jeep in front of her.Squeezing through the cars in the traffic, I hurried over to her. 

"Fathia, bring bananas! Confirm customers!" was what she said before moving to answer someone calling for corn. She sells cooked corn on the cob.

"How many sir?" I asked the young man in the driver's seat. He looked angry, I lifted a bunch of plump fine-looking bananas. He didn't even look at them. He was staring straight ahead. 

Was it this car? I turned to check if there was another jeep. I stepped back a bit and turned, looking for Abike. She was some distance away bargaining with a customer. 

"Abike, is it this car? I shouted. 

"Yes Fathia, it's the one." She replied after a quick glance in my direction. I moved closer to driver's window. I pointed to Abike with my left hand and lifted the bananas again with my right. 

"Sir, my friend said you wanted bananas" He motioned with a finger for me to hold on and pointed to his ear. 

Oh he's on a call. No wonder!

"Never mind, I'll sort it out, we are on our way now" His face relaxed a little. I stood, by the window, waiting. 

"Bye! Yes, bananas. Mum, do you still want the bananas?" He asked someone in the back seat, I peered through the window, saw a lady. A finely dressed madam. My heart started singing inside. 

I will sell well today. 

"How much?" I looked back at him. 

"#300 sir, I have smaller ones for #200 too." He looked them over,rolled down the back windows and motioned me to give them to his mother.

"Good afternoon ma."I greeted the fine looking elderly lady in the back. She reached to collect the bunch.

"You said #300 for this one, right? Give me three bunches."

"OK ma, but I'll have to get more from the stall on the other side of the road" I said pointing to the stall. 

"OK, no problems." I turned to go. 

"Wait, Ade do you want some? I am buying these for the house. Do you want to eat some now?" She asked her son, who nodded. Turning back to me she said, "OK, What's your name girl?"

"Fathia ma."

"OK, Fathia do you have groundnuts?" 

"Yes ma, #50 each." 

"Give me extra #200 worth of bananas and #200 groundnuts too" 

"OK ma."

Squeezing through the cars still in the traffic, I whistled. 

Today is my happy day, today is my happy day. Eh #1300 at a go.

I selected the best of the best among the bunches my aunt put down for today's sales. The woman gave me #1500 and said I should keep the change.

People like this still dey?

She even smiled at me, I added extra groundnuts to the whole purchase. 

 "Fathia keep the change". I mimicked her as I went back to the stall.

With all I've sold since morning, looks like I'll return home early today. I have only a few bunches left. 

She even said my name. God please tomorrow be like this oh or even better sef. 

I wish days like this come frequently.

There are times when I don't sell half of bunches for the day. Some days rain would fall, spoiling market for all of us road side sellers.

I better not let the thought of not-so good days spoil my mood on a high day like this. I'd better-


"I'm coming oh!" 







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