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I never really grasped the fact that writing is a gift until I was flailing in my attempts like a dog trying to scale a fence and each time painfully landing on all fours. It was then I realised that even talents like what I believed I possessed, have to be nurtured.

Creative writing refers to any form of writing that expresses feelings, thoughts or perceptions. It broadly covers fiction, poetry, non fiction and a few other areas.

You might decide you want to write a short story, a novel, or even a poem you can submit to a website in return for a fee. The first ingredient needed for this meal is passion. The greater your passion the better the product will be. It's like the case of an actor performing on stage, the audience will only enjoy his craft when he enjoys his own act, not doing it perfunctorily.

It's true that as a budding writer you tend to get excited after your first attempt and assume you've unlocked the treasure but then when you peruse the crafts of others before you, you realise that, "Jack" truely is still very much a learner and needs to master the abc's. 

After much endeavours in the three major areas of creative writing, mosts being quite unsuccessful I must say, I've found that the basic rules involved equally apply to all areas of this aspect of writing and here they are:

Write On Familiar Subjects - It's like trying to look comfortable in suits, complete with a buttoned up shirt, tie, waist coat, cuff links and belt when actually you're not because casual is the style you prefer. Apart from the discomfort you'll feel which people will definitely sense, any reader would also sense your poor knowledge of the subject you're writing on.

Follow an Order or Sequence - There should be a line of progression to what you're saying or trying to say. It should be like a climb down a flight of stairs. Follow from a beginning to a conclusion. Each section of your work should give a message that properly correlates with itself.

Show and Don't Tell - This is a very important rule in the actual act of writing. Be creative enough to give colour and details. Instead of simply stating, give descriptions like a person playing a game of charade but with figures of speech instead of hand gestures. Use simile's and metaphors to paint a picture for your readers. 

Be Bold and Daring - Do not hold back your creativity for fear of the unknown. An area is only unknown to you because you are yet to try it. Go to the edges of your limit and exceed them, don't stay in Kansas when you can get to Oz if you tried. If humour is your approach and you wish to try horror, science fiction or fantasy, I say go for it.

Avoid Tedious Vocabularies - Your vast knowledge of the english language should not be paraded for your readers. Don't make it so they have to constantly consult the dictionary before they can understand, it's becomes exhausting for them.

Editing and Appraisal - I believe there's a bible verse about judging yourself so you will not be judged. This is true. No matter how excited and eager you are about submitting your work, take some time to first assess it before letting someone else do so. You might find grammatical or spelling errors that need to be fixed. More interesting is that when appraising your work new and better ideas are bound to pop up and you'll be more fulfilled.

Avoid Exhaustion - While some people can work even in exhaustion, I think it's safe to say that no one does his or her best work then. Obviously, then output will decrease so will effectiveness because frustration is bound to set in and then everything becomes a tangled mess tempting you to click the erase button.

Do Not Wait Till Deadlines Approach - This is to avoid weak and rushed delivery of your piece. Experts suggest waiting for some time, it could be days or weeks before going over your work to glance with fresh eyes. After writing for a while you need a good night rest so everything appears clearer in the light of day. This will all be hard to do when you have a deadline to beat.

Finally it is eases much pain to understand that rejection by editors is very much a part of the process, many writers today have gone through it, what they simply did was refuse to give up.





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