By Basit AJIBADE 2 weeks ago

Maybe just a moment to scan, a moment to pull the cover, a moment to remove the toppings... And know what the down looks like.

Maybe behind the fine face, lies a tattered and battered emotion. Maybe behind the happy face lies a perfect title of a book "Behind The Smiles (BTS)". Maybe behind the smooth wall, there lies some packs of cracks in the wall.

All smiles is not from happiness, you know life is full of ups and downs, tribulations everywhere but the sadnesses are plastered with fine coats to conceal the really real reality.

A moment on the book with no face and the app with no whats, ask a question of "how're you?" and the response goes like:

Original version: I am do(wn), in g-great pain, feeling bad with no help...

Output: I am doing great. 

And the discussion end there.

Maybe we all deserve a perfect life, nice cake and nice topping, but how do you tell the world how you feel in true sense and not the lies they love to hear?

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