Hadassah's Love

By ThankGod williams PoetLord 5 months ago

When I see love, my Brain cells tickles 

Tickle shocks and spasms 

Each time I hear that word love ,I bleed

Each moment I feel pains of love lost I blink

My eyes blink, my hand shivers, so I bleed again,


My hearts beeps for one person, like clock ticks

My spines aches each time I'm ignored like keys

She only used me to unlock their own emotions

She only use me when she is tired of his skin lotions


I wept each time she walks, my soul has paid debts 

My words for her becomes her song for him

My best wish is for her, but hers for him

God why did u create me just to love

God isn't there any other Hadassah som'where

God if I sing Hosannah will Hadassah listen som'day,


I want to feel love in Hadassah ways

I just hope it won't cause Hazardous rays

Because I have no Hilarious Glare than her

I just wish I could write I a poem someday

A poem that will be called "Hadassah Love "


I wish I could stop living, 

I wish I could stop loving

I wish I could stop living to love

Yet I am here loving her only to live …


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I love you



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