By Honesty LeeLeeBari 14 months ago

Grudge! Why are you in me?

You came into my heart as a seed but now you've spread your ugly tentacles around my heart. You make it difficult for me to let go my hurtful past. You make it difficult for me to move on from people who constantly hurt me. You make it difficult for me to walk out on hurtful situations. With Your feathery and soft invisible fingers, you always bid me to come closer to you so you could caress me, speak ill and deadly words into my ear and slowly consume my with your ills.

But I've had enough! How much longer will I continue to retard myself from growth and maturity? How much linger will I continue to refrain myself from emotional healing? How long will I sit and watch opportunities walk pass me cause I was unwilling to let go? How long?

Worst still is, 2018 joined you in all your evil and dubious act.... Well I've learnt my lessons and I don't want to be your old girl anymore. I want you to start seeing me as a new creation,cause from this moment henceforth I won't be paying tribute to you anymore. And each time you move with your scaly legs to my heart be reminded that the doors will always be shut against you. So while you preparing to walk out of my heart this year, make sure you move with everything you ever came with, both from your seed, to your tentacles, your fruits, branches and roots.

And 2019 I put you in charge, to wage war against grudge or anything that looks like it. If you fail in your duties you shall be replaced with 2020.

So on this note, I declare my entire Being hostile to every form of Grudge now and always.



Honesty LeeLeeBari

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