By Nwabuotu Onyekachukwu Christian 7 months ago

how do people smile through grief?

y'all make it seem like the pain is brief...

like you just let the pain go with just a sigh of relief and


spoof!!! The pain is all gone with the wind like a puff of smoke from a cigarette.

sorry, I hate what I don't like. that is not the protocol, 

standing on all existing protocols... 

Please cry, shed a tear or two, choose to stay at home for a whole day or miss school...

Don't just smile and act like its all cool, 

confess your pain, make me feel like I am not alone...

say something like the pain reduces your libido

or u feel like doing something sinister

like does God really care when we are at our all-time low?

damn! just let your emotions show.     

You never can tell, the real pain can trickle down as the tears flow...

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