Gone Are The Days

By Abdul Hadi Haleemah Boluwatife 10 months ago



Gone are the days,

When love happened truly,

It doesn't drain like nowadays,

When love is kept at bay.


The time, when love at its peak, was keenly from the heart

When bachelors sat under the scorched sun, waiting for their beloved ones.

When men won't want ladies to waste,

If they weren't their taste.


Gone are the days,

Of which spinsters were shy to stare at their wooers,

When bachelors stammered while proclaiming their love.

When bachelors walked miles escorting their crushes.

Whence, just the uttering of their names soothes their hearts.


The love we used to share,

Like autumn wind wisping away the fallen leaves.

When eyes empresses love,

Mouth speaks of love, 

Soul to soul, 

In every moment.

When men lower their gazes from the gleaming of every lady,

When bachelors hearts beat, only for the ladies they love.


Where did it all go wrong?

Those days, of perfection,

When we sailed around the world of love.



Abdul Hadi Haleemah and Olakanmi Haleemah

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