Golden "C"

By Samuel Adamu 13 months ago



It was 22:05 on the clock number

Precisely fifteen October

I met an angel who confessed she was born twenty-fifth December

I urged her to be my friend and member

Her beautiful fragrance is what I will always remember

And tell the world because she is "my world best"


Her eyes is that of a golden firm

Lips that taste like a sugar cane

Smiles of a fearless child she tempt

Her figure eight is definitely Ten

A different being among all girls above Ten

Since she is an Angel 

And a holder of beauty

I personally called her GOLDEN "C"


Her voice sweeter even without MIC

She captured my heart fold

With code 143

She walk like a life full snake

Because she is harmless like a necklace


A Queen among Queens

Beautiful among beauties

My fastest heart beat

Her world sink into my body, spirit and soul


My Golden "C"

The sweetest that I see

Where the fight of yesterday never stopped the commutation of today


My Golden "C"

A lady with the heart of Gold

So bold and encouraging

Short in height

But very tall when it comes to matured thought 

It a blessing having you in my world 

You are all I want 

Because you fit-in to what I want

My Golden "C"

The sweetest I see.


©Samuel K-jnr Adamu

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