God Is Love

By valentine Samuel 15 months ago

Mystyvee she called, what is love?

And for a moment I was transfixed, speechless and confused all at once. My thinking went deep, my brain searching for the right answer to send to my mouth so as to give her the right answer. Trying to reason out what love is left me perplexed. Trying to cook up some nice literature to pour out. Trying to arrange a sensational reply that will leave her over whelmed, but then the most unpredictable thing happened. My mouth opened and the phrase “God is love” and “Love is God” crept out.

With face full of surprise she asked, how is God love? But instead of just replying her question, I engaged her on a question and answer segment which goes like this; who is always around no matter the weather? God she answered. Who gives without asking for anything in return? God answered again. Who is patient, merciful, kind and faithful? God she replied. Who protects, forgives and understands even if not deserving? Without hesitation she answered God. Who does not judge, discriminate or condemn? With smile on her face she whispered God. Who consoles, listen and cares exceptionally? God she answered. Who loves unconditionally?  Love sorry God she replied. Now I can clearly see clarity written all over her face and without waiting to digest her answer, I asked; what is Love? God she said smiling. How I asked? And with utmost simplicity she replied, love is always around no matter the situation. Love gives without asking for anything in return. Love is patient, caring, and merciful. Love protects, forgives and forgets. Love is understanding, does not judge, condemns or discriminates. Love listens, consoles, loves no matter the situation.  With satisfaction on my face I said to her, you can’t love if you don’t love God because love is God and God is love. Because only when we love God can we truly love.

Without mincing words and with uncertainty written on her face, she asked; do you love me?  And with a smiling and confused face I said, that’s a tale for another day.

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valentine Samuel
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