Give Me Nigeria

By Loretta Robertz 7 months ago

In the country, Nigeria

In the time as now 

The destiny of this nation rests on the shoulder of the Nigerian youths

We are the giant of Africa 

But we have to contend with the evil Giants in Nigeria

That is the anarchy in our nation

Without them being out of our way, there is no inheritance for the youths of Nigeria

The journey of a successful nation is defined by the purpose of our existence.

What is the purpose of Nigeria?

And who do we pay our allegiance to?

Let our eyes be open to see the conspiracy in Nigeria

And be patient as we rebuild our home

Wake up

 don't be fooled by the evil occurrences in Nigeria, it's a mirage 

Is just to make another man rich.

The bad luck of one man brings fortune to another,

 Nigeria logic 

govern and ruled by the important few

Arise Nigerian youths

Who are you in fraternity with?

Jesus is the only system that can upgrade Nigeria, he is the only solution for quick revamping

Prosperity can't come to Nigeria except we become 

Jesus addicted and allow him fight this fight

Our heart should not melt, we shall conquer and take back Nigeria without war

Gaining a spiritual dimension of success here in our country Nigeria

Our labour market are now governed by wicked spirits at the verge of success 

waiting for the youths to bow and vow to them before the gates are opened 

Bowing down to ritual, immorality, cultism murder selling their soul to  the devil

just to sustain and die after a while

We have to take this Nigeria without compromising

The prosperity of a nation is spiritual and we need the wisdom of God to adhere

Let's come together as a strong force movement and pledge our allegiance to God 

Strategize to take charge of our country

let's uproot the 7 mountains placing a demand on our inheritance

We are energetic, strong, bold, loud, powerful

We the youths, let's take charge of 

Family, Education, Social media, Entertainment, politics/government, Religion and our economy

These 7 mountains is our nation itself

Let's start from scratch and take what is ours

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