Gifted Ones

By Dare Ojuoye 7 months ago

Hey weird!

you naturally defy your odds

how gifted is the boy with a fine writing

silent spurs

they wished he had no talent

now he is thir-teen 

and so what? he is learning

choosing between loneliness and groups

stuck in shallow waters

seeking deeper ends

peering mind tissues

momma's voices, don't do what I don't teach you

always interested in what you believe in

knowing fully well that these religions won't save him


Hey weird!

don't defy your spirituality

allowing them to give you the un-holy shift

you are a born knower

alone in your arch, just like Noah

you have got family

a gracious gift

if you are a believer 

then trust me anything is plausible

for we carry our cross

No inn in our minds

that this load is not physical

remember to mind your brain

remember friend, that we are not the same


#mindfulness #wellness #love #teen #nature #spirituality #Nigeria #youth #healing #mentalhealth #awake #past

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